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Advertisements vs Sponsorships

In traditional broadcast television, companies like yours can be one of many advertisers during each episode. Often times, competing brands fight an uphill battle for recognition in the sea of advertisements.

On public television, there is no advertising. That’s one of the reasons PBS is so popular. Instead, sponsors like you are a part of the team bringing quality programing like The Polish Cooking Show to viewers.

When you become a sponsor, you are recognized at the top and bottom of each episode of The Polish Cooking Show. Depending on your level of sponsorship, this can be in the form of a 3 or 5 second billboard or an approved video message of 15 to 30 seconds long. Consider that viewers wade through 15 minutes of advertisements per hour on commercial television, compared to 3 to 4 minutes of sponsor recognition per hour on public television. The benefits of sponsorship are pretty evident. But there are even more advantages.



More Disposable Income

#1 in Public Trust

Sponsorship creates a friendly and familiar association of your brand with The Polish Cooking Show and PBS. This is important since PBS is #1 in public trust among all nationally known institutions – more than commercial television, social media, newspapers, courts of law, or the federal government. In fact, 64% of television audiences rate the marketing messages on PBS as more trustworthy than those on commercial television.

PBS viewers are affluent, educated, and financially savvy – an ideal demographic for your brand. These viewers have more disposable income to spend than your average commercial television viewer. They are 37% more likely than the average adult to own a home valued at over $750,000 and 21% more likely to have a post graduate degree. And, viewers are most likely to purchase from PBS sponsorship messages compared to advertisements on other networks.

A Fraction of the Price

Product Exclusivity

As a sponsor of The Polish Cooking Show you also have product exclusivity. You will be the only brand of your particular type to be associated with The Polish Cooking Show during the time of your sponsorship. You will never have to claw for recognition from your competitors.

We have sponsorship packages available for almost any budget. Why spend millions on commercial television when for a fraction of the cost you can reach your target audience on the most trusted television station in the world? With The Polish Cooking Show you can expect your sponsor message to air hundreds of times per season – and there is never an added cost for you.

with the Polish Cooking Show

Extra Perks

There are other perks to sponsorship including having your logo and funder message on The Polish Cooking Show website, your company being named in all press releases, and having your sponsorship message featured on DVD releases.

Sponsorships provide a highly economical way to reach a highly profitable target demographic. We’d love to explore aligning your brand with The Polish Cooking Show. Consider that, eight out of ten adults watch cooking shows. The Polish Cooking Show connects you to the audience you want to reach with Sponsorship packages starting at $44,400 for the full season.

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