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The Polish Cooking Show is one part cooking and one part history, all wrapped up with two charismatic cooks in the kitchen: newlywed Natalie Rokita (Czupta) and her mother-in-law Mama Ala.

Poland is known for its unique, delicious cuisine and strong family bonds. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the Polish communities in and around Chicago.

There are over 9.15 million Polish Americans living in the United States. Chicago is the U.S. city with the highest percentage of its population being Polish (7.3%).

Shot in Chicago, The Polish Cooking Show is a half hour adventure that brings to life the Polish tradition of the mother-in-law teaching her daughter-in-law the recipes of the family and cultural history that goes with them. Each episode is quite literally a verbal transfer of heritage in the kitchen.

Learn delicious Polish family recipes handed down over the generations, blended with interesting stories about Polish history and culture.

Meet Ala and Natalie

The Hosts


Ala Rokita

Mama Ala originally hails from Warsaw, Poland. Growing up in Poland, she enjoyed traveling, skiing, sewing, and of course, cooking. She moved to the United States in 1978, ultimately settling in the greater Chicagoland area where she is an active member of the Polish-American community. She met her husband not long after moving to the states and they had two sons, one of which recently married Natalie. Some of Mama Ala’s favorite pastimes include: gardening, baking, and spending time with family.


Natalie Rokita (Czupta)

Ever since Natalie was a child growing up in the Midwest, acting has been her dream. She loves comedy and quick wit – as evident in her lively banter with Mama Ala on The Polish Cooking Show. Natalie has performed improv ever since college, and in fact trained with legendary Second City. Natalie’s Polish heritage and culture are very important to her. When she’s not cooking up deliciousness in the kitchen with Mama Ala, Natalie is building her Polish-American inspired brand, Siemka Creations— modern Polish greeting cards & home creations. Through her brand, Natalie aspires to bring contemporary products and fun, unique bilingual vocabulary to her generation. www.SiemkaCreations.com.

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tasty and satisfying


The Polish Cooking Show offers delectable authentic Polish dishes you can easily prepare at home. Enjoy this collection of traditional award-worthy Polish recipes from Mama Ala’s kitchen.

View our Gołąbki recipe
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Each episode of The Polish Cooking Show is a lesson in delicious Polish recipes handed down through the generations, and the cultural stories that go along with them.

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